The payment of the e-toll shall apply only to lorries exceeding 3.5 tonnes, which use the motorways and / or motorways or main roads of our country as of 1 July. Cars are not covered by this cost.

In the case of passenger cars, the vignette system


Which is currently operating under current legislation, would remain. There is no reference, either in the draft regulatory decree or in the law already adopted, to include passenger cars in the e-toll system. Although the idea was mentioned earlier when the Ministry of National Development (NFM) issued a statement, approx. a year ago, where cars and buses would remain in the vignette system, but half a year after the toll was introduced, they would be able to join the new toll system.

A government decision issued in September 2012 already ruled out this possibility. Until the decree was published, it was thought that it would be worthwhile for both cars and motorists to voluntarily switch to the e-toll system, leaving behind the obligation to buy stickers.

Vehicles are not eligible for the e-toll system


However, the legislation already states that these vehicles are not eligible for the e-toll system. Thus, both passenger cars, motorcyclists (D1) and buses (B2) can continue to purchase the right to use the road in the e-vignette system.

37/2007 on the detailed rules for the training and examination of drivers and road transport professionals. (III. 26.) on motorways, motorways and main roads used for payment, and on motorway, motorway and main road tolls; (III. 26.), Contains the regulations governing the payment of fees for D1 vehicles.

The inclusion of passenger cars in the new toll system

Therefore, current plans do not include the inclusion of passenger cars in the new toll system, and even the possibility of doing so is completely excluded by the current government decision.

Purchase of the sticker is still valid for D1 vehicles, where the motorway fee is $ 2,975 for weekly validity, $ 4,780 for monthly validity and $ 42,980 for annual passes. Paul’s statement said that the price of stickers will not change with the introduction of the new electronic toll system.